VeriView™ video ads utilize proprietary technology to track verified views.


With VeriView™, ads are actually watched by a real person.


VeriView™, the right targeted audience at the right time.

Measurable ROI

True engagement ensures your messaging is delivered and viewed with VeriView™.


Earn More By Adding Verified Views

Earn more by installing our free SDK that delivers Verified Video Views.
Our VeriView™ technology adds value to your ad inventory by ensuring visitors are engaging with ads they actually want to see.
Create your account, access the SDK License and start earning.

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Verified Views™ = Greater ROI

Verus Advertising Network features cutting-edge technologies to optimize your campaigns. With our VeriView™ Technology and integrated fraud detection, you only pay for real engagement.
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What is VeriView™

VeriView™ unique advertising technology verifies true engagement when an ad is viewed using the sensors in a mobile device. People truly engage and are rewarded for their attention.